Private properties

As an owner or tenant, your properties are unique : your house, your apartment are different from others... You possess a chalet, a boat, a painting collection...

Whatever your insurance needs, we provide our expertise to find you the best solution.

Professional properties

We provide an analysis service for companies, industries, businesses and the liberal professions.

Creation or company’s recovery, we help you to find the best partner.
With a personalized approach, we provide solutions to optimize your benefits and costs.

Financial properties

Purchase of real estate, financial planning, saving, life insurance or retirement pension preparation are complex.

Our strategy is to connect with our specialist in order to find you a solution according to your personal situation.

Private customers

  • Private civil liability
  • Building
  • Household contents
  • Valuable items
  • Motor vehicles
  • Boat
  • Legal protection insurance
  • Travel insurance

Corporate customers

  • Civil Liability for a company
  • Civil liability for officers of a company
  • Daily sickness and accident benefits insurance
  • Operating loss
  • Commercial legal protection insurance
  • Professional pension plan (LPP)
  • Transportation insurance
  • Trade insurance
  • Building
  • Car fleet


  • 3rd pillar A and B
  • Tax optimisation
  • Professional
  • 2nd pillar, professional pension plan (LPP)
  • Mortgage